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Navigating Space Regulatory Compliance

About Blue Dwarf Space

Blue Dwarf Space specialises in regulatory compliance technology, providing solutions to navigate the complex requirements set by space-faring nations and international bodies. At present, our services are focussed on Australian space activity permits, for anyone working in, with, or from Australia, however we will be expanding soon!

Our focus is on delivering a platform that manages the detailed and often daunting process of acquiring space activity permits. Drawing on expertise in technology, legal policy, and user experience, we strive to offer a service that simplifies and automates the extensive compliance workflow, and helps you prepare your application so that it is fit for purpose, and ready for regulator review. 

Our platform is being crafted to feature a checklist-based approach, ensuring thorough and tailored preparation for each unique space mission. We remove repetitive workflows by automating data distribution, application submission, and add in advanced scheduling and tracking capabilities. We also aim to integrate this with AI tools for data verification and regulatory updates, maintaining relevance and accuracy in a dynamic legislative environment.

We simplify complex workflows into manageable segments, offering a safeguard against the expenses associated with non-compliance and/or human error.

We serve a range of clients, from startups to established enterprises, aiding their endeavours to operate within the bounds of space law. As we continue to evolve our platform, our commitment remains to provide an informative and efficient compliance experience.

And while we're serious about compliance, we believe even the most complex regulations shouldn't leave companies starstruck.

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Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


Bespoke and unified compliance

Our application process is tailored to meet the unique needs of each mission, based on your precise mission parameters. Cut out the guess work and the lengthy process determination. All your pre-requisites consolidated into one efficient location, eliminating multiple application processes and repetitive data inputs. 


Cross-jurisdictional capability

Whether it's constructing a satellite in Australia, launching from the USA, or coordinating its return via India, we provide exhaustive regulatory insights for every juncture.


Safety and accountability

Regulations have reasons. They are the custodians of our collective aspirations and responsibilities, and we don't condone  efforts to circumvent them.  But they're hard. Some seek shortcuts, or relaxing of rules, which could have dire consequences. 

Instead, we are redefining the process itself.


Service flexibility

From answering questions or providing a requirements checklist and document repository, to handling even the most complex regulatory compliance challenges, we are here to make the process as seamless as possible.


Streamlined process

We strive to revolutionise the regulatory compliance space by creatively and efficiently cutting down the time and costs traditionally associated with obtaining space activity permits. Our innovative workflows are designed to be flexible, accessible, and affordable to all industry players, regardless of size or sector.


Fit for purpose

We work directly with the relevant authorities to ensure that our submissions meet their requirements. And when those change, we adapt our processes accordingly. We utilise a sophisticated array of techniques that incorporate advanced AI, large language models, and the expertise of our team comprised of researchers, lawyers, and seasoned technology professionals.

Our Solutions

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Compliance Management

RegulaTech provides comprehensive compliance management tools tailored for the space industry. It streamlines regulatory processes and facilitates adherence to evolving space regulations. Your passport to space.

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Risk Assessment

SpaceGuard offers advanced risk assessment capabilities to identify and mitigate potential compliance risks. It empowers space organisations to proactively address regulatory challenges before they become a challenge.

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Regulatory Intelligence

CosmoComply delivers unparalleled regulatory intelligence, keeping space enterprises informed about the latest compliance requirements and changes in space regulations.

Coming soon...


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