Space is hard. Gaining access to it doesn't have to be.

Regulatory compliance made simpler

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Responsibility and sustainability that doesn't mess with your workflow.

Our core principle is to offer solutions that guide users through every step of their space activity permit applications, ensuring complete compliance and thoroughness.

We love what you do, and we want to help!

Our fandom sets us apart. This is how we enable your safe and sustainable space adventure:

Bespoke Application Process

Through a comprehensive understanding of our client's mission parameters, our platform crafts a tailored application process that ensures no regulatory requirement is missed. This is our commitment to mitigating the risks of non-compliance due to overlooked or incorrect requirements.

Unified data entry

Multiple prerequisites are consolidated into a singular, efficient entry point, eliminating repetitive data inputs.

Cross-jurisdictional capability

Whether it's constructing a satellite in Australia, launching from the USA, or coordinating its return via India, we provide exhaustive regulatory insights for every juncture.

Streamlined and simplified process

Our innovation lies in drastically cutting down the time and costs traditionally associated with obtaining space activity permits by reimagining the regulatory workflows.

Service flexibility

Clients can utilise our platform as an end-to-end regulatory guide or opt for specific modular services, catering to their unique needs.

Safety and accountability

We understand that regulations have reasons, and our aim is not to bypass regulations, but to work with our customers to understand them and work through them, ensuring the correct levels of safety and accountability are protected and respected.

Fit for purpose

All applications for any required licence, exemption, report, certificate, are all fit for purpose, correct and fulsome, and in the preferred format of each specific department, before you ever have to lay eyes on it. We work directly with relevant authorities to ensure that all of our submissions pass muster, and we fix our processes in accordance with your requirements.

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