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Who We Are

Blue Dwarf are on a mission to promote responsible and sustainable use of space. We recognise regulations are critical in achieving this, and don’t condone any efforts to circumvent them.  Some companies have historically disregarded regulations when the process is too complex, time-consuming, or costly. Others lobby for change and an easing of regulations. 

What if the answer lies not in diminishing safeties, but in refining and redefining the process itself?


Recognising the multifaceted and sometimes prohibitive challenge that compliance presents, especially for emerging space ventures, Blue Dwarf Space offers an essential service: we address the convoluted web of regulatory hurdles that vary not only across jurisdictions but also with the nature of each mission.


With requirements for launching involving compliance with a multitude of government departments, and sometimes jurisdictions, which can fluctuate based on numerous factors, the task is daunting. This complexity is magnified in multinational missions or those involving components from multiple countries, creating a labyrinth of international obligations. Blue Dwarf Space steps in as a fundamental part of the space mission process, ensuring low-cost, straightforward regulatory compliance, thereby enabling innovation and sustainable space exploration.


Our innovative platform, currently under development, is designed to demystify and streamline the compliance process for space activities. Leveraging technology, legal policy expertise, and user-centric design, the platform offers a checklist-based approach that customises preparation for each unique mission. This approach not only automates the distribution of information and submission of applications, but also introduces advanced scheduling and tracking to ease the compliance journey, and ensure you always know the score. The integration of AI tools for data verification and keeping abreast of regulatory changes ensures the platform remains current in a dynamically evolving legislative landscape.


Serving a broad spectrum of clients, from nascent startups to established enterprises, we are committed to facilitating your successful navigation through the complex terrain of space law, making compliance an informative and efficient process, rather than an innovation-stifling ordeal.

Our Approach

Regulatory Navigation

We are committed to helping space industry players navigate the intricate web of regulations, ensuring compliance with national and international standards.

Innovative Solutions

We strive to develop innovative solutions that streamline regulatory processes, making compliance more efficient and manageable for our clients.

Collaborative Engagement

We foster a collaborative approach, building a community of space industry stakeholders to collectively address regulatory challenges, and drive positive change.

Meet the Team

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